Why choose The TicketSellers?

We understand the market is crowded with festival ticket companies competing for your attention.

Thank you for considering The TicketSellers. Here are just 5 reasons why we think you should work with us.

1. We know our market

A few years ago we made a conscious decision to focus on the independent festival market. This means everything we do, from our system, reports, account management, customer service and the advice we give is specifically aimed at festivals.

We’re not interested in being the be-all-end-all ticket platform – we’re simply the number one choice out of a number of festival ticket companies.

We are a proudly independent full-service ticket agent with a razor sharp focus on solving the specific problems faced by music festivals

2. We have credibility

We’re not yet another ticket agent trying to claim a stake in the growing festival market. We’ve got serious credibility in this sector.

We were the first ticket agent in the UK to launch e-ticketing back in 1999.

We worked with Shambala Festival to launch e-ticketing for customers in 2009 and for crew in 2010.

We’ve worked with Boomtown since day one and helped them grow to become the industry leaders they are now.

In 2019 Glastonbury called us in to help with wristband security. It doesn’t get more credible than that.

Read more case studies here and see what we’ve done over the years.

3. We are independent

If you work with one of the big players then you’re helping make some distant shareholders and venture capitalists very rich. You might be ok with that, but we think it would be lovely to help local independent businesses too.

We are 100% privately owned by our founders/directors and have strong roots in the Birmingham music scene. When we launched in 1998 we were organising events of our own around the country. Now we’re one of the leading festival ticket companies, helping events launch their own parties all round the world.

We are proud to have taken on new team members during the Covid-19 pandemic, doing our bit to create jobs in the events industry. We can only continue to do this, and to invest in the tools you need to run your events, if you work with us.

4. We're with you every step of the way

We’re not an anonymous self-service ticketing website that you only interact with through your browser. We’re a lovely bunch of people, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Read our reviews, our testimonials, or just wait until your event when at least one member of staff will be on-site to support you while the event takes place.

We also have a 24 hour UK-based call centre to answer all your customer’s questions from the moment you begin working with us until after your event has taken place.

Find out what sets us apart from the many self-service ticketing platforms that are out there.

We love events, and we love attending events we’ve worked with on their journey from on-sale to on-site.

5. Our pricing fits your needs, not ours

We recognise that pricing is a sensitive topic and has to be managed carefully. As a general rule no-one likes paying booking fees and yet those fees are how ticket agents like us make a living.

We work with you to carefully craft a pricing strategy which is fair, which keeps your ticket prices low, but which allows us to continually invest in the business and the tools which help make your events shine.

Although we have a pricing page on this website we encourage you to get in touch and we’ll work on a bespoke deal just for you.

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