Festival tickets are on sale for a really long time

What does that mean for your event?

Year on year comparison

Out the box we’ll give you year on year analysis for your events. 

When are your peak sales periods? Are you selling more or fewer tickets than last year?

If you expect a rush of sales in the last 2 weeks before your event has it happened yet?

Our industry leading reports make questions like these really, really easy to answer.


We understand you can’t run a business on one payout a year, after the event. 

That’s why we’ve got a whole page dedicated to advance payments.

Connecting with your audience

A long sales period means you’ve got loads of opportunities to connect with your audience.

Use our detailed reporting to build an audience based on their current or past sales patterns. Email them, text them, promote content to entice them to buy add-ons, or just to keep them excited about your event.

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