We understand -
festival ticketing is complicated

How many ticket types do you have for your event? 10? 50? 200?

By the time you’ve added adult, teen and child tickets, weekend, Saturday and Sunday tickets, then sold them at 3 or 4 different price points you’ve got a LOT of different tickets to manage.

How do you upload them quickly? Or make changes to them quickly?

And have you noticed how everyone who works at the event wants a slightly different report? How do you make sure the numbers they need are at their fingertips without driving yourself mad in the process?

Listing your event

We’ve made listing festivals with a myriad of ticket choices simple.

You can email your account manager and they will do it all for you! While you sit back and plan how you’re going to make the event spectacular.

Prefer a bit more control?

Copy your tickets into our import sheet and one click later they’ll be added to your event.

Need to make sudden changes? Simply select any of your tickets and choose what to change. The change will be instantly applied to all those tickets making last minute name or price changes trivial.

Of course you can still add tickets one by one, just like with every other ticket agent. But why would you want to do that?

Selling tickets

If you’ve got separate adult/teen/child tickets you’ve done that for a reason. 

Let us make sure people don’t cheekily grab all the child tickets and stick them on Viagogo. 

Our flexible ticket rules let you specify which combinations of tickets can be bought, by whom and in which quantities. We can even make suggestions to customers to ensure they don’t miss important extras such as parking passes.

We can also do clever things like automatically adding tickets to baskets which meet certain criteria – great for promotional offers.


If your event is anything like the hundreds we already work with you need different reports, for different people, and at different times.

We let you build reports containing whichever tickets you need, over whatever time period you like.

You can save these and give different people access to each one.

If you’re really good we’ll even email the reports to those people every time they update.