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Carbon balancing

With one click you can turn on a carbon balancing widget for your event.

We ask customers to enter the postcode they will be travelling from and then present them with a suggested donation to balance the carbon emissions from that journey.

We’ve partnered with Ecolibrium to ensure the donations are put to use in the most effective way possible.

And we collect all of the donations for you. So all you have to do is click. Simple.

Eco bonds

Eco bonds are an easy initiative to implement at your event and we’ve made them really easy to add to your ticketing.

The concept is simple: customers pay an additional £5-£10 when they buy their ticket. After the event, they trade in a bag of rubbish collected from the event site and get their money back in exchange. 

If they don’t, you keep the money and put it towards clearing the event site – either way the site gets cleared and everyone is happy.

Eco bonds are again a one-click addition to your event. Once you’ve done that we automatically add one to every adult ticket purchased for your event. We also keep the eco bond sales out of your reports so your numbers aren’t distorted by them.

Coach packages

Want to encourage people to travel by coach? Maybe offer them a cheaper ticket if they commit to travelling by public transport?

Our website is flexible enough for you to do whatever you like. 

Our comprehensive ticket-buying rules can be configured so that cheaper tickets are only available to purchase in conjunction with a coach ticket.

We can automate sending sales to National Express or Big Green Coaches, or another coach company of your choice.

Our carbon calculator (see above) calculates carbon emissions for coach travellers.

And of course we keep the reporting by tidy by excluding coach ticket sales from them if you’d like to focus on the all important people coming to your event.

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