Struggling to make sense of your sales figures?

To be honest, we’re not completely surprised. Ticketing for any large scale event – festivals included – gets complicated very quickly. One of the biggest challenges faced by event organisers, ticketing managers and directors often takes the form of a very simple question:

How many tickets have I sold?

On the face of it that should be an easy question to answer.

But if you dig into it a little bit you’ll see that it isn’t quite as straightforward as it looks.

First, what do you mean by tickets? No, it’s not a trick question. 

When you’re using a ticketing system such as ours everything you sell is effectively a ticket. Entry ticket? That’s a ticket (of course). Eco bond? Another ticket. Pre-pitched camping? That’s another ticket. Parking pass? Yep you guessed it – that’ a ticket too.

Ok, let’s start with the entry tickets. That should be easy right?

Well, that leads us to our second question. Do you mean all entry tickets? You do? What about child tickets? No? Ok, what about teens? Not those either … So we’re really just talking about adult entry tickets.

Now for the final part of our question – what do you mean by sold? Again this isn’t a trick question.

Do you mean “how many tickets have I sold including any which were subsequently voided”? Or do you mean “how many people are coming to my event”? Because those are two quite different questions.

Luckily you’re working with The TicketSellers and so whatever you mean by “how many tickets have I sold” we’ve got the answer.

Here's how The TicketSellers makes it easy

Sales highlights

Sales highlights gives you an instant snapshot of your ticket sales based on the criteria you choose. For example, if the most important number for you is “how many adults are coming to my event?” you can set your sales highlights to give you that number, at a glance, as soon as you log in. Find out how here.

How well are my tickets selling?

Our year on year analysis lets you analyse up to 6 years worth of events at once, instantly. Overlay sales of comparable tickets and find out how you’re really doing. We’ve been working with festivals for over 20 years so we understand it’s not quite as simple as adding up the total number of tickets sold each year.

Our extremely clever year on year sales analysis tool allows you to include only comparable tickets and it does the hard work of aligning sales by date across up to 6 years for you. Find out how to use this amazing tool here.

I want to use my own reports

We understand that some of you will have spent years building your own detailed reports in Excel, Google Sheets etc. That’s absolutely fine and we can still help. With most ticketing platforms you’ve got to get the data out of the website and into your reports somehow. Perhaps you run a report and export it as Excel, then copy and paste the data in your report? Or perhaps you get emailed daily sales figures which you download and do the same with.

Forget all that manual work. With The TicketSellers we gives you a live, instantly-updating feed of ticket sales which can be plugged straight into Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau or many other reporting packages. As soon as you open the report you’ve worked so hard on our system feeds in the latest figures, so you’re always reporting on up to date sales. Find out more about this here.